Frequently Asked Questions

Shower Features

I'm confused, how does the shower system work?

What are the pipes/shower head/handheld shower made of?

What are the differences between the Polaris showers?

What’s the water flow for the Polaris shower?

Is the shower system multi-function?

Can the shower head and hand shower be used at the same time?

Where is the diverter located?

Does the shower set include on-off valve?

Is the shower system tested before being packaged?

Can I use this as an outdoor shower?


Do I need to drill holes to install the shower system?

I don't have enough space between the shower outlet and valve trim. Can I get a shorter pipe?

Is there a longer/shorter vertical extension for Polaris 3/Lux/Vintage?

The shower arm is too long for my small shower space. Can I get a shorter one?

Is this shower system compatible with Moen/Delta/etc. shower valve? Do you sell a compatible mixer valve?

What tools do I need to install the rain shower system?

Do I need to seal the pipe connections?

Can you remove the adhesive (double sided tape)?

What size pipe do I need for the rain shower system, ½’’ or ¾’’?

Care & Maintenance

How do I clean my shower? Does it require special maintenance?

Shower head nozzle is clogged, can it be cleaned?

Service & Warranty

Are spare parts available?

Does the shower have warranty?

Shipping & Delivery

How long does it take to arrive?