Installation Instructions

It's important to familiarize yourself with the installation process. Please read the instructions carefully. We recommend watching the installation video to get a good understanding of the product.

Should you need any help with the installation of a product, call us at 727-686-4292, email us at, or send us a direct message on social media (find links below). We're happy to help.

Polaris 3, Lux & Vintage Installation

Although visually different, the Polaris Vintage and Polaris Lux shower sets are similar to Polaris 3 in installation method.

Polaris 3, Lux, Vintage Rain Shower Installation Manual (pdf 0.7 MB, updated on 2022-05-20)


Polaris 1 & Aurea Installation 

Polaris 1 rain shower installation manual (pdf 1 MB, updated on 2022-01-12)
Aurea rain shower installation manual (pdf 1.7 MB, updated on 2018-12-27)

Watch the video for a demonstration of the installation process. The video shows the Polaris 1 shower set. Installing Aurea is a very similar process, just the connector part is different and you have the adjustable height shower head. Refer to the instruction manual for details.

Note: We've made minor changes to the Polaris 1 assembly. An updated installation video is coming soon.

Shower care

It's important to take care of your shower. Most importantly, dry the bathroom/shower space after use with squeegee or a towel and use an exhaust fan to dry the air quicker. Use a soft cloth to wipe dry and clean the shower pipes. If a shower nozzle gets clogged with mineral deposits, you can rub it off while in the shower. Read our detailed instructions as well as tips to clean the shower surroundings here.

Note: Only use a mild detergent to clean the shower unit. Never use products that contain abrasives, strong acids, ammonia, or chlorine, as these can damage the coatings.