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What Our Customers Say

The best part was using the shower. It is truly like having luxury hotel bathroom in my own house. Best shower ever.

Teresa Bubier on Polaris 1

Installation was simple and fast, service from the granastore was top notch, if I could give both my experience and the product 10 stars I would.

Joe Hauser on Polaris 1

I purchased a Polaris III and was extremely pleased with the high quality of the product but that was exceeded only by the incredible customer support

Henry Chernoff on Polaris 3

I love my new shower! Quality is absolutely amazing for the price. The design is beautiful and is very easy to use.

Mari Kummala on Aurea

Installation was much easier than plumber expected and the extension worked perfectly for my low ceiling. I almost spent three times as much on a Kohler.

Annie on Polaris 3

I have to say value wise, nothing came close to this unit. Quality is first rate.

Donald Gunn on Polaris 3

Installation was easy due to provided instructions with pictures and link to video on website.

Teresa Bubier on Polaris 1

Thank you again for your product and more importantly for the incredible customer service that is so lacking in today’s world.

Henry Chernoff on Polaris 3
Easy installation - No drilling required


A rain shower head with handheld that installs in 20-30 minutes without changes to your existing plumbing. No drilling required (optional screw mounting included). Upgrading your bathroom doesn't have to mean extensive renovation! See the installation video and manual from the link below.

Installation Instructions
Best retrofit rain shower set in a luxury bathroom with ocean view


We believe everyone should have access to high-quality products. We implemented our experience from manufacturing faucets in Finland and Europe to create stylish, long-lasting and functional showers for the USA.

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Polaris 3 Rain shower set with handheld shower spray can be installed with height extension. Shower column, shower arm and extensions are available in different lengths.


Different bathrooms require different products. We designed simple solutions for different setups, but you might have special needs. See the available options.

See the options

How to Choose the Correct Shower Model

All our showers are suitable for retrofit, remodel as well as new builds. They connect to the standard NPT angle connector in the wall just like a regular shower head. The choice of model boils down to your preference in style and your current shower setup. You need to have enough headroom under the rain shower head.

If you're building or making a full remodel, you can build your plumbing according to the shower of your choice.

Fennocasa Retrofit Shower Systems

Polaris 1 retrofit rain shower system is designed to fit even low spaces. Streamlined modern design with great features and high-quality materials.

Polaris 1

• Designed to fit low ceilings, when the shower outlet is very close to the ceiling or when your shower outlet is high enough for headroom
• Modern minimalistic design
• 3-setting handheld shower

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Polaris 3 retrofit rain shower set adapts to different bathroom setups. Polaris 3 offers streamlined modern design with great features and high-quality materials. This is our most versatile shower head with handheld combo and the best rain shower option.

Polaris 3

• Similar to Polaris 1 but extendable height with extension pipe: you can raise the rainfall shower head for more headroom
• Rotating shower arm: handy if the shower outlet is not in the middle of the wall
• 3-setting handheld shower
• Matte Black color available

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Aurea rain shower head with handheld spray features adjustable height rain shower head with telescopic pipe. Suitable for higher ceiling bathrooms.


• Same materials as Polaris, in more traditional style.
• Adjustable height rain shower head (telescopic adjustment)
• Rotating shower arm
• Single-function handheld shower head

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