About Us

Our mission is to make everyday life better with simple solutions.

Values & Promises

Great products. Best customer service. Fast and easy installation. Affordable price. Lifetime warranty.

We are a small independent business with a passion for high-quality products and streamlined design determined to make the best rain shower system. We manufacture and distribute products which offer functionality and comfortability, fast and easy installation without forgetting affordable pricing. A great shower can provide a little everyday luxury.

Our customers are the most important to us. Our purpose is to provide excellent customer service. We’ll help you with any questions or problems you may have from selecting your shower to installing and beyond. You can always call us, we are here for you.

Our History

GranaStore llc, the company behind the Fennocasa brand, started as an online retail business to sell and distribute showers and faucets designed for the USA by Hannu Reiman, the founder of Grana Finland. Rearranging the businesses, GranaStore started to operate the whole thing Hannu had started in the USA. To reflect this change we renamed ourselves to Fennocasa. Alongside Hannu, the whole team has decades long experience of manufacturing and selling faucets and showers in Finland and Europe.

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide high-quality but still affordable rain shower sets with thought-out design to tackle existing problems and shortcomings like installation and the lack of functionality in the ordinary showers. We introduced the first models in 2017 and quite soon after the launch, our functional, streamlined design started to resonate with people and the Polaris shower started to gain leverage in the market. The feedback was overwhelming, something we could have only dreamt of. We knew we were on the right path.


Fenno refers to Finnish, either the language or the area and casa, home, is the most important place we have. We’re Finnish and our design and product philosophy is straightforward in style, aimed to make your home a better place to live. We want to bring a part of the functional Finnish home to every home. So there you have it. Simple ideas, a simple name.

Fennocasa is a registered trademark of GranaStore llc.