Custom Options

While our shower sets fit most bathrooms directly, we offer several custom options for the shower sets to make them fit different spaces and needs. Sometimes the space between the shower valve trim and water outlet is left short and the shorter shower column can fix that. Rain shower head installation height is important to get right: You need enough headroom under it. If the water outlet is too low, you can get a longer vertical extension pipe, and if it's too close to the ceiling, a shorter one will fit. 

Currently, the following parts are offered in other lengths:

  • The shower column (main vertical pipe) for all models
  • Polaris 1/3/Lux shower arm (horizontal pipe)
  • Polaris 3/Lux/Vintage vertical extension pipe
  • The wall-mount

The following custom parts are usually available directly. If you need help to determine what you need or these don't match your shower space, don't hesitate to contact us as we might have other options available too. However, we can not currently take orders for fully tailor-made parts.

  • Longer shower column, +2 inches
  • Extra-long shower column, in chrome only, +8.5 inches
  • Short, 15" shower column
  • Short, 12" shower column
  • 3", 6", and 12” vertical extension pipes for Polaris 3, Lux & Vintage
  • 11" and 22" shower arm for Polaris 1/3/Lux
  • Custom lower wall-mount: to get the shower parallel to the wall in special cases.

Contact us for availability. Let us know the part, length and color you're after so we can confirm availability. Not sure what will fit your space? Send us measurements and/or photos and we will assist.