Custom Options

We offer several custom options for the shower sets to make them fit different spaces and needs. 

Currently, the following parts can be customized:

  • The shower column (main vertical pipe)
  • Polaris 1/3/Lux shower arm (horizontal pipe)
  • Polaris 3/Lux/Vintage vertical extension pipe
  • The wall-mount

The following custom parts are usually available directly. Don't hesitate to contact us for other options too!

  • Longer shower column, +2 inches
  • Extra-long shower column, chrome only, +10 inches
  • 12”, 6”, and 3” extension pipes for Polaris 3, Lux & Vintage
  • 11" shower arm for Polaris 1/3/Lux
  • Custom lower wall-mount: to get the shower parallel to the wall in special cases.

Contact us for availability.