Wine Glass Cleaning with Dish Genie Side Spray

Dish Genie side sprayer's wine glass cleaner is a simple and clever way to wash wine glasses. There are two facts when it comes to washing wine glasses:

  1. Don´t wash your wine glasses in the dishwasher. Well, at least the good ones, because they will break!
  2. Hand washing with a sponge is inconvenient, slow and potentially dangerous.

Actually, that's four facts already.

Wine Glasses Are Hard to Wash

Everyone who has washed a wine glass knows how difficult it is to get really clean. The ugly red wine spot at the bottom of the glass or lipstick and grease stains on the rim can be a real pain. Dish Genie's sponge is designed especially for wine glasses, but it also works for other glasses, mugs, jars, deep vases, and sports bottles. It makes cleaning glasses convenient. The wine glass sponge is included in all Dish Genie sink sprayer and kitchen faucet sets.

The Wine Glass Sponge Is Convenient

Because the cleaning tool is a sponge and not a brush, it doesn't spatter water and the water stays in the sink area. You don´t wet the whole kitchen table or yourself as you may easily do with a spray or a brush.

 Wine glass sponge helps you get rid of stains on the wine glass rim as well as the wine drops inside the glass

Washing and Safety

Every year in the USA, there are thousands of registered accidents caused by wine glass breakage when washing them by hand. I think that is a huge number! Many people don't realize this but washing delicate glasses by hand presents a real risk of injury. So, Dish Genie wine glass cleaner is also a safer way to wash as the attachment reaches inside the glass without putting your hand inside the glass.

As you see, it is a real multipurpose tool for your kitchen.

Please watch the videos. Dish Genie side spray is available for purchase as a replacement sprayer for your existing faucet as well as a full kitchen faucet set


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