Fennocasa Reviews

We think we make the best rain shower sets in the market, surpassing even the big brand names – but don't take our word for it! Below are some Fennocasa reviews and stories from our customers over the years. When you get your own Fennocasa shower, you'll probably agree with them and us. But sometimes even the best of us fail. If there are complaints, you just need to contact us and we'll make sure to find a solution.

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Surpasses Luxury Hotel Shower Experience

I love this shower system. This is the best on the market. I have an engineering background, so I looked at ALL the features and design.

First, we have a new glass shower enclosure with a glass door that swings inward (and outward) towards the shower head, so the rain head needed to be high enough to clear the glass door. Also, I am 6'4", so I wanted a rain head that was high enough to give me that true "rain" experience. This Fennocasa Polaris 3 had the extension included with the kit, so it worked perfectly for our existing shower plumbing.

Secondly, the engineering design of the parts & fittings is superb. It uses a very clever o-ring & set screw design to connect most of the individual parts together, providing a leak free & solid installation and the ability to adjust the rain head position. I ordered the 2.5 GPM unit in Matte Black to match my other bathroom fixtures.

The handheld shower 3 selections are also very good. I shave in the shower so the one selection that gives a nice strong pulsating stream is excellent for clearing my razor. The selector valve is clear and easy to select one or both shower heads.

– Donald on Polaris 3


We Love This Shower System

We have owned the Polaris retrofit shower system for about a month now. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and highly recommend it to anybody that wants to improve both the appearance and function of their shower. The quality of the design and manufacture of the unit was readily apparent as soon as I opened the box. Installation was simple and fast, service was top notch, if I could give both my experience and the product 10 stars I would. Our shower is a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to use. Well Done.

– Joe on Polaris 1


Favorite Bathroom Upgrade & Unparalleled Customer Service

About two years ago, I did a master bathroom renovation. I am difficult to please when it comes to fixtures. Fortunately, the Polaris 3 fulfilled all my criteria and was in fact manufactured with very high quality, solid, metal materials as opposed to the almost ubiquitous "metal look" (coated plastic) materials used by the "leading" brands on their consumer grade products.

The Polaris 3 has held up better than any other bathroom fixture I've ever purchased. Every shower is a pleasure. My wife prefers the handheld wand and I prefer the top-mounted rain head. The proportioning valve allows use of both heads at the same time, which is tremendous. I even have my dogs shower with me, using their own water flow, to save time in bathing them.

Recently, I noticed that after a bit more than two years of daily use, the Polaris 3 handheld hose was finally showing mild hard water buildup. This is to be expected. We maintain the fixture and clean it fairly frequently, but the ridges in the hose are difficult to fully wipe dry between uses. When I contacted Fennocasa to order a replacement hose, expecting to pay for the part. The representative offered to send me a replacement free of charge. This customer service is unparalleled in this industry, judging from my prior experience. I recommend this company and their products to all family and friends who complete bathroom upgrades or renovations.

– Chase on Polaris 3


Great Product, Suberb Service

Last year we had our shower remodeled. After a thorough search, we settled with the Polaris 3 system. Hannu and Janne at Fennocasa went out of their way to help me choose a product, make the purchase, then install extension pieces and the like. The shower system works beautifully, and I could not recommend more products and services from Fennocasa!

– Zoltan on Polaris 3


Amazing Quality Shower Set

I love my new shower! Quality is absolutely amazing for the price. The design is beautiful and is very easy to use. Installation was quick and painless. Great customer service with fast and helpful communication. Thank you!

– Mari on Aurea


Very High-Quality Shower & Exceptional Service

I ordered this unit for an upgrade to my son’s shower. I originally was planning to use a more expensive name brand unit; however, at the last minute, realized it would not fit as described in the specs. That’s when I found the Fennocasa site. I called the company and quickly got a very knowledgeable person to help me. After describing my issue and time constraint, he arranged a two day delivery.

The product is excellent quality and worth twice the price. It includes everything needed, including extension for the rain shower height and an adapter to connect to a shower head outlet that is set back deeper than standard (which I needed). It came with very clear, step-by-step directions, as well a Youtube installation video. Install completed in about an hour. I can’t say enough about the product and service I received. I highly recommend this company and this excellent shower upgrade. I would give the company six stars if I could.

– Robert on Polaris Lux


Totally Awesome

Bought the Polaris retrofit showerhead combo in bronze finish after searching online for a rainfall shower combo that would work with my existing plumbing and low ceiling. I purchased an old house last year which has a beautifully updated bathroom, but just so so shower head. This was the perfect solution to boring fixture. Product was just what I was looking for and beautiful right out of the box. Packaging was very nice as well. I could tell it was a quality product the moment I lifted the lid.

Installation was easy due to provided instructions with pictures and link to video on website. Could not locate a tiny set screw and called customer service late at night. Hannu answered phone himself and offered to send me one in mail the vert next day. He also suggested I check the box in case it fell out and sure enough I found it. The best part was using the shower. It is truly like having luxury hotel bathroom in my own house. Best shower ever. Even the handheld part is beyond anything I've ever used. Thank you, Hannu for a wonderful product. I just love it!

– Teresa on Polaris 1