Polaris Retrofit Shower Set with 8" rainfall shower head & 3-setting handheld shower and slide bar (Oil Rubbed Bronze, Venetian Bronze)
Polaris 1 is a retrofit shower set that can fit into a tight space. You need just an inch above the wall outlet to replace your old shower with this rain shower head with handheld spray combo.
Polaris Retrofit Rain Shower Set with 8" rainfall shower head & 3-setting handheld shower spray and slide bar (Brushed Nickel)
Fennocasa Polaris 1 brushed nickel rain shower head with handheld wand combo in white brightly lit bathroom with a big white bath tub and ocean view.
20 minute easy installation: connects to existing plumbing. Use your existing shower faucet and replace your regular shower head with a shower head and handheld shower combo. No extensive renovation is needed to upgrade your bathroom into a spa-like luxury shower.
Get a spa-like shower experience without any extensive renovation. Retrofit shower set replaces your regular shower without plumbing work.
The handheld shower head has 3 settings. Wide general spray for washing yourself and to use like a regular shower head. 2nd setting enables all nozzles and is great for rinsing shampoo out of thick hair. 3rd setting is massage function: water comes out from the middle nozzles with higher pressure, great to relax sore muscles.
Polaris 1 rain shower set measurements
Comparison between Polaris 1 and Polaris 3 shower models. With Polaris 1, the rain showerhead is approximately at the same height as your shower outlet in the wall. With Polaris 3, you can lift the shower head higher to get more headroom under the rain shower head.

Polaris 1 Retrofit Rain Shower System with Handheld Shower

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Polaris 1 retrofit shower system is designed especially for bathrooms with low ceilings. The minimum space required above the overhead shower outlet is only 1.5 inches! The shower arm is longer than usual and gives you more space to move under the shower. If you need more height, check out the Polaris 3 shower set.

With Polaris, you can easily transform your traditional shower into a rain head shower. Polaris features a rain shower head with a handheld shower with a slide-bar holder. Easy to install and effortless to use, it’s the perfect improvement for your bathroom.

Easy Installation

Polaris rain shower set converts your single-outlet shower into a double-outlet combo with rain and hand showers. Installation is quick and effortless as you don’t need to alter the in-wall plumbing or replace your existing mixer valve. Compatible with standard single-function mixer valve. Uplift your bathroom to a whole new level without extensive renovation! See installation instructions and video here.

Overhead Rain Shower Head with Handheld Combo

The 8" (20 cm) shower head provides a pleasant rain shower experience. It works even with low water pressure providing soft rain-like water flow. Our team spent a long time perfecting the plate. It is just 1/12" thick which minimizes the volume of water in the plate. It means the head drains quickly after use, which minimizes water drips after use and limescale problems in the long run.

Spa-like Showering Experience

Rain shower head is a step towards luxury without a hefty price tag. It provides an enjoyable showering experience. The ultra-thin overhead shower prevents drips & calcium solidification. Polaris is designed especially for bathrooms with low ceilings but will naturally fit others as well.

Usability & Reliability

Double-outlet shower means flexibility. The handheld adjustable shower head's sliding bracket allows height and angle adjustments. 5' long shower hose for a good reach.

The diverter is conveniently located and easy to reach even for children. It allows showering with the rain head, handheld wand, or both simultaneously. When used simultaneously, the water flow is divided between the outlets.


The shower column, shower arm, and diverter are made of brass; and the shower head of stainless steel. The shower set is sturdy and durable. The cartridge is ceramic which is more durable than plastic cartridges used in many showers, especially the cheap ones. The handheld and its holder are made of abs. The showerhead is made of stainless steel with silicone nozzles.

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