How I Reshaped the Side Sprayer - The Story Of Dish Genie


My name is Hannu Reiman and I'm from Finland. I'm the inventor of Dish Genie washing system for sink sprayer faucets. This is how it all started and was developed into a functional, award-winning product.

You Can't Wash Everything in the Dishwasher 

In 2007, my wife and I were visiting a family friend´s house. After dinner, we cleaned the dining table and put the dishes into a dishwasher – except the wine glasses and a big salad bowl. The reason was simple. The bowl did not fit inside the dishwasher, and their high-quality wine glasses could even break if washed in the dishwasher.

A few minutes later, I heard a glass break and right after, words out of line for this blog. I went back to the kitchen and noticed one of their beautiful Riedel glasses was broken. Lucky for her, she did not hurt herself.

There Must Be a Better Way To Wash Wine Glasses

Back home, I started thinking there should be a better way for cleaning wine glasses. After few brainstorms, I had a handmade stick, covered with my wife´s hair roller (she was not happy when she noticed that), attached to an old sink sprayer. Believe me, the result was NOT good. It just leaked pretty much everywhere!

Idea, Test, Disappointment, More Tests

After the "not so successful” launch I felt disappointed, but I thought not even space rockets fly every time. So, I tried again and again, and not until the fifth or sixth test (who’s counting?) it really worked and I was able to wash the first wine glass with this magical cleaner.

My wife's first comment was ”did you just install a karaoke microphone in the sink?” Well, it ended up looking a little bit like a microphone, but it does excellent work with wine glasses!


After my successful invention, I started "researching" what else is difficult to wash in a dishwasher. The ”research” involved calling my friends.

– Hi, how are you? Btw, is there anything that you don´t wash in a dishwasher?
The answer was:
– I´m fine but how about you?????
After a few phone calls (who’s counting again) I had a list of products that you don´t, won´t, or can´t wash in a dishwasher.

Expanding the Idea to a Product Concept

You don´t wash your frying pans, baking trays, tall vases, salad bowls etc. just because they don´t fit inside! You won´t put the wine glasses into the dishwasher because they will break – unless you want new ones. You can´t wash baby bottles in a dishwasher, because of the risk of strong chemicals. And last but not the least, sports bottles: deep and very difficult to clean. And oh boy, the "scent" of protein drink after few hours, it´s just magical! The whole house will stink.

Here it was, a concept to get started.

After some time (who’s counting?) we have a family of cleaning sponges with the sprayer. Ladies and Gents...

*dramatic music*

May I introduce the one and only, the original DISH GENIE!

by Hannu
The inventor of the ubiquitous Dish Genie

Ps. I don´t really know what ubiquitous really means, but it looks and sounds very cool!

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