Your Side Spray Could Be Causing Water Damage

Considering seemingly small details make for good design. In the long run, the small things can become significant. Traditional side sprayers' shape causes water to drip into the kitchen cabinet. That can go unnoticed and slowly cause water damage. Dish Genie's design prevents this!


Dish genie sink sprayer vs. traditional spray. Dish genie side sprayer's base prevents water from dripping under the sink.

Dish Genie's sponge attachments are its most obvious feature which discerns it from the vast selection of kitchen sink sprayers. But there's another, a small but significant detail making Dish Genie special. It is the sprayer's base — its clever shape to be exact.

The base is designed to prevent water from dripping through the inlet into the kitchen cabinet. Ordinary sprayers have a V-shaped base that sits inside the holder. Dish Genie's base is A-shaped and sits over the holder's rim. The small amount of water that drips from the spray head after use, can easily be wiped dry.

Wiping the kitchen sink dry after side sprayer usage. Dish Genie's base prevents water from dripping inside the sink and can save you from water damage in the long run.

So when replacing your side sprayer or getting a new side spray kitchen faucet, here's one thing you might not have considered earlier. The functionality and design of the spray can be more significant than you first thought and save you from a lot of trouble later.

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