Dish Genie kitchen side spray is available in brushed nickel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze
Dish Genie kitchen sink sprayer chrome - box contents
Dish Genie sink sprayer brushed nickel set with sponge attachments. Clean wine glasses, pots, pans etc with ease.
Dish Genie Side sprayer set oil rubbed bronze with cleaner sponges for wine glasses, pots, pans etc. Kitchen sink spray designed for washing different dishes.
Kitchen faucet spray with wine glass cleaner sponge. Spray in brushed nickel with wine glass crystal.
Dish Genie's round sponge has multiple uses. Scrub oven trays and oven dishes clean or quickly rinse plates.
Replacement sink spray in chrome
Dish Genie kitchen hose sprayer in brushed nickel finishing
Dish Genie kitchen sink sprayer in oil rubber bronze (ORB) finishing
Wine glass sponge is designed to help you clean wine glasses. The sponge is made of foam plastic which is non-scratch.
Round cleaner sponge helps washing pots, pans, plates, cutlery and oven trays and oven dishes that are too big for the dish washer

Dish Genie Sink Sprayer - Kit with 4 sponges

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The Dish Genie sink spray is a multifunctional cleaning sponge tool that replaces your ordinary side sprayer in the kitchen sink. Simply unscrew and remove your existing side sprayer and attach the Dish Genie to the existing hose.

Sponge Attachments for Wine Glasses, Bottles and more

Easily change from one attachment to the next depending on the cleaning job. Dish Genie cleans delicate crystal, wine glasses, baby or sport bottles, and for scrubbing dishes; there is an attachment that will do the job. Read about wine glass cleaning with Dish Genie here.

Awarded Innovation

Dish Genie was awarded the Retailer's Choice Award at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. The awarded products are selected by a panel of distinguished retailers who buy and sell products for a living. This program honors manufacturers for their innovation and also helps retailers find new and innovative products.

Matches Your Kitchen Faucet

The Dish Genie is available in Polished Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB), or Stainless Steel finishing. Designed in Finland.

Dish Genie Kit Includes